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I have done on-line job searches, resume mailings, door-to-door job searching, contacted National Office who contacted potential employers regarding the X-tern project.  Result, no experience - no job in CPC related field.  Would appreciate any followup advice.

I do not do any coding in this position. I can not find anyone to give me a chance. EVERYONE WANTS EXPERIENCE! UGH

I wouldn't know since no one is willing to hire a new coder because they ALL want someone with experience.  How do you get experience if no one will hire you?  I feel like I wasted a lot of time and money on a career that I can't even move forward on.  If anyone knows of a program that will allow me to gain experience and not lose my home in the process, I'm listening!

Currently, I am in the billing end, entering payments and watching, correcting denials. I hope to move over to the coding spot as soon as I am certified.

Been certified for three years and people are afraid to hire me.

It is very difficult to get a position in a office or a chance at residency or internship in order to gain practice. Many offices want coders with years of experience and will not even give someone looking to get started a chance.

After school and with a lot with great ideas and experience, still havent found job.

I work as office manager for a dental practice.  I would love to get into medical, however, I haven't had an opportunity yet.

I am not in a day-to-day coding position.  My CPC benefits me in an information systems position, so most of the questions I did not feel apply to me.

The work that I do has nothing to do with coding. I analyze long-term care facilities for Medicaid overpayments. I am keeping my CPC at least until my school loan is paid off. It is a shame that I had to settle for something because there are no coding positions available for a newbie. Everyone wants someone who can jump right in to do the job, and even those rare jobs are promote from within types. So sadly, I have lost a lot of my edge-and I was a 4.0 student specializing in coding and health claims.

I am secretary that has a CPC certification and I do not currently work as a CPC but I still keep my certification not able to find a job within the facility.

I have not found employement as a coder and I have tried. It's been very hard to get a job even though I stress I am certified. The school I attended to learn coding shut down and they want experianced coders but are unwilling around here to give that. I think if I had what I made on ceritification test, it would help. I also feel the doctors are trying to do more with less coders. I have heard complaints of this, of how swamped coders are, but no one is hiring. Just getting a toe in the door is so very, very hard!

My  employer still doesn't ackonwledge the certification due to no experience with coding, I have coded for a few hours to get some experience, however since I'm needed in other A/R dept I get pulled off from what my goals are.  Not everything is explained to me but, I do know that the physicians are educated when necessary. I studied hard to pass my CPC exam thinking that it would open the doors to even more of a more challenging position and I keep getting denied becuase I have no experience and my thought is that we aren't born with this gift in coding, but that someone has to give the chance and give the opportunity for advancement, in my workplace this isn't so.

I love my previous job as a coder.  My previous job as a surgical coder in an orthopaedic practice was extremely rewarding.  Unfortunately, they decided to outsource the coding and billing department.  I now work in a billing office and I am the only coder.  The majority of my job is posting incoming checks from the insurance companies.  I answer numerous questions from the staff relating to coding issues.  I also do individual auditing for physician practices when physicians want the service.

Currently our practice is merging with a practice in which the physicians do their own coding.  I have a feeling that everything is about to change. When a business is looking at the bottom line, that becomes the focus and employees become a liability...

I am not working.

I have taken my Certification Exam last March 31st, passed it and currently hold CPC-A. Having previously worked as a LPN over 17 years, I felt I would not have any trouble finding work as a professional coder. I have over 20 CEUs in coding and am continuing to go to workshops and aquire CEUs.  I still have not found a coder position.  Every time I apply they are looking for someone with 5 years or more of experience in coding. Would love to do a Extern Program, but need to work full time for the income and insurance. Still looking for a position in coding, currently working as a LPN for the income/insurance coverage, but want to put my coding knowledge to use and work as a CODER!! 

I am in the process of completing my CPC certification and plan to work in a coding department.  Our hospital will not hire without coding certification in the coding department. I love my job at present, I would definitely love to be a coder since i enjoy working with numbers.

Currently I do not practice coding but would like to find employment doing coding. I am in the process of taking a coding class to become a CCP. I have approximately 40 years of nursing experience with occasional coding experience in several areas of nursing expertise. Would love an opportunity to learn as I go part time coding position.

I don't work with coding at this time, I hope to in the future, I just took the course to prepare for the exam and took the exam on Nov 5, 2007 and passed it.  I had just been hired bya payer and hope to work with coding at some point in the future.

More opportunities are needed for new certified coders entering the field. Many of us take jobs in claims processing which provides little practice keeping up the coding skills we spent time and money to acquire.

All I can say is when i took this coding course my goal is to be employed as acoder. Sad to say, they want 2-3 yrs experience. My experience at that time i finnished my class was 1.5 hands on and 1 yr from taking the class. Its the biggest mistake I took in terms of educational advancement. Now, I tell my friends not to take CPC but instead study for CCS.

Right now I am abstracting files for an outsource company.  I have not had a coding job since I graduated and passed my certification test.

 I have mailed 125+ resume' since I passed the CPC exam on 11/17/07 with 5 or less replies. I will point out I do not have a medical background, however some of the others in the same exam setting said they had tried to pass it 2-3 times, and some had been in the medical field for 5-10 years.    All employers will take a H/S diploma, or a GED, but won't even interview you if you don't have 1-3 years experience. I have a Assoc. Degree in Bus. Management.    Sorry for the sour grapes, but somewhere there has to be room for new coders to get their foot in the door.  I checked out the Project Xtern, but the locations are limited and none are near my residence.    For what it's worth thanks for giving me a place to air my comments.    Even in light of this I will not give up!! 

I am interested in coding professional and traning in the coding field.  I have completed in coding on Sept 07.  I just need to retake the board exam.  However,  I am looking for a coding trainee postion that I will be able to learn and work to gain my experiences in the field. I would like to be a coder expert in the future.  

I was told when I was looking for a career change that coding was a great field with advancement and pay.  I have yet to find that job in our community.

I cant find a company to start me in the billing/coding area. I have no experience, so I get stuck in the front office. Right now they do allow me to do e/m auditing in my spare time. I get no extra $.  Very Frustrated over this.

I am a housewife. Many times I have had to call insurance company to tell them to correct the codining so that my doctor can be paid. No experience but would like to learn.

I wish that the opportunities were greater for billing and coding for experienced people.  There are NOT a lot of jobs or careers out there for people especially ones that went to school and became nationally certified and are looking for their 1st job in the field.  No one wants someone that does not have any experience.

At this time I am trying to pass the exam to become certified. But the exam is very hard to pass for most coders, due to the short length of time given. Perhaps at least one additional hour from the original time? Most employers only hire certified coders. I should have gone to a different career. 

Unable to find work in this field.  Just wanted to pass it along so you can add this info to your survey.    Thank you

Work for 10 doc practice which is not really concerned about having a certified coder. I was credentialed through home study because I had the experience and background to do so. It has not been monitarily advantageous for me to be certified at this practice, but has helped me gain valuable knowledge and self confidence in my work.

Since I am not yet Certified. I have not been able to get a job!

In my current job I do not do coding,  I do medical billing & follow-up,but in the near future I plan to transition into a coding job either with my current employer or an outside employer as I took the coding class & passed the test to become a coder.

I am really regretting all the time, effort and money I spent to learn to be a coder.  I  cannot find work because I don't have enough experience........Is AAPC a scam?

As stated before...I'm certifed but can't get hired as a coder.  I am working a call center job selling novelty toys.  The work I do has nothing to do with medical anything.  The closest it gets is allergy warnings on candy.  I would love to get a job as a coder and have been applying as I see them.

I think in my case I have more than I can handle.  I would also like to add that most of the jobs in Nashville DO NOT pay very good at all.  I was told when starting classes that the starting pay for a coder was $13 and up.  I haven't found any that want to pay well.  And it is very hard to find a coding job because nobody wants to hire somebody that doesn't have YEARS of experience and that includes someone that was an officer of the local chapter.

I was hired as a Medical Secretary in November 2007 since I was unable to find work as a Certified Medical Coder & Biller because of my lack of experience;  all job openings wanted 1 to 5 years of experience!!!    I responded to an ad for Medical Secretary so that I could "get my foot in the door" and did not reveal that I achieved my Certification in Medical Coding & Billing because I was afraid that I would not be hired due to overqualification.  I am now doing billing and coding.

I have found that it is very hard to find a coding job without the experience. I am currently working with the coders gathering the information that is needed for them to code the charts. I am still looking for a coding job and it has been over 9 months that I have been looking. Have had interviews but no offers because of the lack of experience.

I would like to find a coding job, but no one will hire me without experience. No one will give me experience.  I spent my money on my education and have spent months paying it off, and I am still stuck in my dead end job. The  teachers said we wouldn' thave any problems getting a job and that was not the truth. I am very disappointed.

I currently have yet to find a coding position any input regarding this would be helpful.

I am a recent graduate of the CPC testing, and I rarely utilize coding in my postion (the MDs code thier own claims, we just bill them) except in the capacity of appeals and aging balances.  I am having difficulty in finding assistance from the AAPC when I need advice on proper usage of codes.  This has me somewhat discouraged.

Right now I'm not working in a job that I'm using my coding. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep my credentialing up to date. I don't have the experience to get a job coding with the company I work for.

I have just recently become certified as of Dec 2007 therefore I do not know if my employer is planning on paying for my CEUs. I love my work enviroment and my job. I finally have found my niche!

I think that if employers would offer a coding internship for students graduating form school, and paying them then opportunity would greatly increase for new people without experience.  Every job I looked at wants experience, and now I am doing a medical claims examiner job and would much rather be coding.

I have not been able to obtain a coding position in the last year and a half that I have been accredited.

As I said before, I haven't yet found work.  I used my own money this past year to learn and take the national certification test.  I really want to this type of work.  Until I find work, I guess I will continue spending my own funds (my savings) to keep up membership and CEU requirements.  Possibly I will work in temporary jobs if I can find them.

I have been credentialed since 5/6 but I haven't as yet secured a coding position. Last year I worked in a 12 physician practice posting charges and floating the office as receptionist. Now I do some billing at home, nothing particularly challenging far as coding goes. Prefer to do more coding.

I have just finished last year and am still seeking employment, but all I get told is " must need experience". How can I get experience if no one hires? I feel like I went to school for nothing. I am willing to even work in another department for more learning. I don't want to forget what I learned, but I am afraid that will happen.

I am not employed as a coder yet. I can't seen to get anyone to hire me without a certification. I have no other experience except a degree in accounting.

I would love to have a position\, but have not been able to find one yet.  I am a hard worker with a score of 89 as a medical insurance clerk.  I will make someone a very good coder!

I have not taken my CPC test yet.    So I still will be working at Major Hospital on Med-Surg ICU floor.    After test I will begin looking for a postion in the Medical Coding  field.

I am not presently working as a coder, but am still certified and will probably return to coding. I answered the questions based on my previous employer.

I work in a small Medical Billing Company, where the 2 owners are certified. I am studying, to obtain my CPC, but what I hold at the present time is a Diploma from a Technical College, as Medical Billing Specialist, but not any state certification.  I would welcome any information regarding any workshops to prepare for the CPC test, but my employer will not pay for that. I will finance my own certification. Thanks for your help.

I am still looking for work in this field.  No office or hospital is willing to hire someone without 2-3 years experience.  I can not getting any experience without a job.

Currently unemployed. Attending school and seeking CPC-H certification. 

I'm currently a full-time student in online education. I live in  Maine. I filled out the survey, even though it didn't apply to my current employment status. I would like some information on Project XTern. I have tried to access the information through AAPC, however the Website continues to have problems and can't receive the information. Any information that you can direct me too, would be greatly appreciated.

I am a data entry worker. I would like to do more in the line of coding. It does help me with my job. I can spot errors in compliance and coding easier because of my formal training. 

I am leaving the coding field because I've found it to be a dead end.

Right now I am unemployed looking for employment in Billing and or Coding. I have been unemployed since 12/31 going of several interviews without any knowledge of interview status.  I praying someone will call me any day and time.      Thank You....

I am pleased with the direction the AAPC is going. I was unable to find work as an inexperienced coder with a larger agencies and am leary of presenting myself as a CPC despite my CEUs, as the narrow focus of my practice gives me minimal coding opportunties. However, the certification did get me an interview and a job offer in preference to more experienced billers. Perhaps things will change in the future if I seek employment in the for-profit sector.

 I have sent out so many resumes, but everyone  keeps saying they want EXPERIENCE. How can you get experience if no one will give you the chance to get it!!!!!!!!!

No one is hiring without experience.  I know this is not your problem, but advertising for this job is very leading as no one is hiring in my area for apprentice coders. I know this is a growing field, but it is very frustrating in my area.  Wilkes-Barre Scranton area of PA.  I will continue to try and find a job, but I have been out of school now for almost a year.  I will be paying for dual certifications continuing ed out of my own pocket.

It is most disapointing to have spent 6 intensive months in a medical coding class, felt exhilerated, passed and was given my diploma, have not sat for the Certification Exam yet,  I feel caught in the middle since All Jobs Offered Ask for no less then  2 to 3 years experiance.    The medical coders are very territorial, do not want to  take the time to train, any prospective new medical coder.  I have consistantly attended the Chapter Meetings, and I have come to the conclusions that 85% of the now certified coders have been at their job for 10, 15, over 20 years and have only in the last 2 years have taken the exam to become certified.  How did they get a job, and acquire all this experiance.???  Thank-you    I beleive they were given a chance to learn, get experiance, and yet they do not want or wish to do the same for the new medical coders.    I am at a crossroad of do I invest more time and money, knowing this wall of  Do Not Apply Without Experience.    Thank-you

I am currently looking for another job.  this place did not get me a chance to use my skills.  Hopefully my next position as a coder will be better than this!

I have had my CPC since 12/05.  I am in a job where I process disability claim forms.  This job does not have any coding requirements - anyone can be hired with just medical terminology.  I have tried to advance to a coding position but there are none offered in the geographical area.  My employer does not seem to understand how much money they loose by not having certified coders.  Since I am paid as much as a chart-room clerk I think my employer does not require credentials because they do not want to pay the salary for these positions.

I have always worked in the "payer" environment.  I would like to know how I can  gain experience for the office/practice environment.  Sure I passed the test  for CPC, but I really do not know how or what to do from the beginning end of a  claim as far as coding it.  Currently, I am the only certified coder with this  employer.  The provider offices are hungry for certified coders in this area, but they do not want to pay very well and they only want experienced coders.

I am very disappointed in the medical field.  I graduated in May, 2007 as a Certified Medical Coder and have not been able to find employment with that knowledge.  I was told at ATA Career College in Louisville, KY that I would gain employment as a Medical Coder.  I have put in several and I mean several applications for a Medical Coding Position but only to be told that I do not have any have to have 2 years of experience before anyone will even hire you.  If I had known that I would have pursued other interest.  How do you get experience if no one will hire you?  I even have applied for work in a medical office just to get experience but still no luck.

My current position doesn't actually give me the opportunity to use my coding skills. I wish it did.

The last office I worked in hired me because I was a certified coder, but would only let me work as a front desk clerk. I have a private billing company that is new and quit to do that as I was not valued as a coder. I have five years experience and have helped set up two new businesses. I know what I'm doing. 

Unfotunately, I still do not have a job in the coding field.  All the job opportunities in my community are listed as "experienced only", and the ones that are advertised for general "front desk/receptionist" in a medical office have 100 - 200 applicants.  I have also listed my resume on the AAPC website and have had only one response, but no interview. There are also no "Project X-tern" listings nearby.   I am getting a little despondent about the situation and will continue applying for a little while more.  If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them.  Thank you.

I have been unable to obtain a job using my coding with which I am able to support myself (ie, pays enough). 

Still seeking employment in the field

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