CPPM® Certification Study Guide

AAPC’s CPPM® Certification Study Guide is designed to help you get ready for the CPPM exam. Fourteen chapters will guide you through the nuts and bolts of accounting, revenue cycle management, human resources, quality operations, compliance, data management, information technology, and healthcare reform.

Note: This guide is tailored to those with previous knowledge in the field of practice management. It is not an introduction to practice management but a review of integral practice management concepts.

Key Features

  • Study guide created by the same people who created the CPPM exam
  • Each chapter review includes practical examples
  • 140 questions to test your CPPM exam readiness — with answers and rationales
  • Testing techniques for CPPM exam

Topics Covered Include

  • Health Care Business Processes & Workflow
  • Health Care Reform
  • Fraud & Abuse and Corporate Compliance
  • Quality in Health Care
  • Medical Office Accounting
  • Principles of Physician Reimbursement
  • Health Care Revenue Cycle Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Business Relationships
  • Space Planning and Operational Flows
  • HIPAA & Patient Data Security
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Modern Health IT & Interoperability
  • Business Continuity

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