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What course or certification should I start with? 

If you don’t already have 2 years of healthcare experience, you’ll need to start with the Essentials, which include anatomy, medical terminology, and pathophysiology. These are all available through one course we call Fundamentals of Medicine. If you have formal education or training in medicine or you have over 2 years’ experience working in the field, you can skip the Essentials and start your certification training.   

Next, if you want to become a medical coder, we recommend asking yourself: which type of medical coding do I want to do? The answer to this will help you know which certification to work towards. Consider one of our 4 main core certifications: the CPC, COC, CIC, and the CRC. Or, if you want to become a medical biller, look into the CPB. The most popular choices for a first certification are the CPC and CPC+CPB options.  

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