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CPT® Modifier Crosswalk
Are you looking for custom medical coding data files for your organization?

Enable your users to crosswalk the proper modifiers to procedural codes with AAPC's CPT-Modifier Crosswalk and assure all the accurate parameters are reported. This data file provides corresponding modifiers for current CPT codes and can be added on to other AAPC ASCII files.

It comes in three formats: fixed format .txt, pipe-delimited .txt, and Excel-ready .xls. Ideal for EHRs, claim scrubbers, auditing, and adjudication, this data will help add certainty to an uncertain activity.

Speed up reimbursement and prevent payer review with the following benefits:

  • Easy to add to existing data

  • Perfect for relative value tables

  • Ideal for EHRs and claim scrubbers

  • Value-adding to care, billing, and payment settings

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