Data Files

CPT® to ICD-10-CM crosswalks data sets
Are you looking for custom medical coding data files for your organization?

Simplify and speed coding for services/procedures. AAPC ICD-10 Crosswalk Data Files provide coding and billing accuracy for correct reimbursement.


  • 26 available crosswalk files

  • Crosswalk of billable ICD-10-CM codes for corresponding CPT codes

  • Short descriptor of active CPT codes

  • Short descriptor of ICD-10-CM codes

  • Three formats - tab delimited .txt file, fixed width .txt file, or .xls file

Standard code data files

  • CPT– ICD-10-CM

  • CPT– ICD-10-PCS


Anesthesia crosswalk

Data file provides mapping of CPT codes with anesthesia codes along with Base unit information and other associated information.

Revenue code crosswalk

Meeting billing requirements and achieve accurate charge master set-up, billing, and claims processing. Access a year's worth of code changes and updates, all valid CPT and HCPCS Level II codes and the corresponding revenue codes that are appropriate for the type of bill.

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