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Procedural data sets with RVUs
Are you looking for custom medical coding data files for your organization?

Procedural Data with RVUs is an easy-to-install, manipulate and incorporate dataset including CPT® codes and descriptions along with relative value data from the National Physician Fee Schedule relative value fee dataset.

This robust ASCII file includes all official CPT® codes and short descriptions, along with the data included in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) National Physician Fee Schedule. The easy-to-install files come in text and Excel formats with record layout files for implementation and administration.


  • Official short descriptions keeps field size small

  • Latest available RVUs and this year’s conversion factor make it applicable for a number of applications

  • Indicates when modifiers 26, TC, and 53 should be appended to assure accurate reporting

  • Identifies the status of each code, which helps users to manage their revenue stream

  • Data is easily downloaded into EHRs, claim scrubbers, adjudication and other applications


  • Current CPT® and CMS data

  • All RVUs, facility and non-facility

  • Modifier 26, TC, and 53 indicators

  • Global days for surgical procedure episode length

  • Conversion factor

  • Status code

  • Status definition

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