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Top Places Where Medical Coders Work

The skills required by the credentialed coder are applied in several ways. Most coders work in clinics, hospitals, billing offices, or at home, but some work in places you wouldn’t believe.

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  1. Insurance companies – Insurance companies, such as UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross Blue Shield, Kaiser, and others, hire coders to help adjudicate claims. These coding professionals review claims coming from members’ caregivers, as well as manage claims for clinics and facilities owned by the payer or help with Medicare and Medicaid claims.
  2. Schools, local government, and other public entities – Credentialed coders teach coding at school districts and colleges, while some report the care provided at clinics and facilities to students, prisoners, and other patients.
  3. Cars, planes, airports, and hotel rooms – Many coders travel to their clients to work as trainers, auditors, or consultants. Companies like PwC, for example, hire coders to investigate and interpret clients’ coding and billing.
  4. Military and Veteran Affairs (VA) – Coders work around the world at American military bases and facilities. Others serve our veterans by submitting claims for services not paid by the VA to Medicare and commercial payers.
  5. Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers – Coders are important for these employers who need their customers to know how best to report drugs, biologicals, equipment, and other supplies. Coders help determine the best ways to get products reimbursed, train providers, and work with regulatory agencies.
  6. Corporations – Several large corporations are self-insured, which means they need coders to adjudicate and audit claims coming in from employees’ providers.
  7. Software development – Companies developing software and applications for providers and facilities, like 3M HIS, Optum, and EPIC, need coders to develop correct content.
  8. Professional associations – State and national professional associations employ coders to interpret rules affecting their members, train them, and advocate for their specialties with regulatory bodies.
  9. Court rooms – Coders assist healthcare lawyers to research and support courtroom arguments and testify as experts in litigation. Some go on to study law to help providers with cases related to their revenue.
  10. Recreational vehicles – Some established coders work remotely out of their motor homes, communicating with their employers and clients by secure internet as they travel around the country.

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