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2017 Procedure Desk Reference

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Note: This book CAN NOT be used for AAPC certification exams.

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ISBN: 9-781-626883-291

Descriptions and coding tips for 9,000 CPT® codes

This is the best procedural desk reference on the block, full of useful features that will make selecting and defending the proper CPT® codes easier and more certain. New features not available in other books makes finding information more expeditious and convenient. Spiral bound with large pages so it can be laid flat or folded back for scanning, this book is just what the day-to-day coder needs.

  • AAPC Exclusive - Comprehensive CPT® code listing with CPT® procedure lay descriptions. Eliminate the need for multiple resources with a one-stop resource of more than 9,000 CPT® codes and lay descriptions for E/M, surgery, laboratory/pathology, radiology, and medicine codes
  • AAPC Exclusive - Lay descriptions are easy to read and understand; ; include a clinical responsibility section which outlines step-by-step how the provider performs the procedure
  • AAPC Exclusive - Definitions of more than 5,000 medical terms included in the glossary
  • AAPC Exclusive - Billing and modifier definitions and usage rules; lay term description; modifier explanations
  • AAPC Exclusive - Introduction to surgery coding chapter with definitions of common surgical terms
  • AAPC Exclusive - Billing, coding, and reimbursement terms glossary
  • AAPC Exclusive - Normal lab values and vital signs
  • AAPC Exclusive - Basic types of anesthesia
  • E/M Survival Guide
  • Procedure eponym crosswalk
  • Anatomical illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-626882-850
Cover Style: Soft
Binding Style: Spiral
Page Count: 1200+